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SOVH Radio is an online contemporary radio station based in Westonaria. The station was established with the sole purpose for uplifting the West Rand District and developing local talent. As a young black owned media company SOVH Radio will live up to the challenge of creating programming that sets fire to the spirit, to inspire change within the communities, SOVH Radio “When frequency fails WeOnit” the movement of Hustlers.


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Mission statement



"Our mission is to reach every individual, to create programmes that break the norms of society.


To bring change in people’s lives by going against the grain of normal broadcasting.


The aim is to create a platform for undiscovered talent, to maximise exposure, at the sometime enriching unity within all communities."


*To promote and encourage programmes that outline the needs of every sex, race and age.

*To publicise all vital information, that will nourish and sustain the community mentally, socially and ideologically.

*To encourage and facilitate communication, by developing community media activities – such as broadcasting programmes that deal with local issues, events and other enterprises.

*To provide programming that is not adequately covered by other broadcasting agencies.

*To carter for individuals to learn and practice the technical aspects of radio broadcast and production, in order to sharpen their talents.

*We will serve and stand to be self-dependent, to ensure that there is no discrimination by funders or commercial interests that are being over looked. Our first priority is the community.

*To do or refrain from doing any such thing, that may be determined to be harmful with the general aims of SOVH Radio.

Programming Format




                  Zulu, Xhosa, Sepedi, Tsonga, Tswana, Sotho, Swati, Venda, Ndebele, English and Afrikaans.

                                The radio station has a programming format of 60% talk and 40% music.

      Music Format

We shall broadcast 40% South African music content, 40% international music content and 10% undiscovered/ up and coming talent daily.    

    News Format

      We shall broadcast 90 minutes of news daily.


Meet Our Management

SOVH Radio TV its not just Radio. its an online platform for all upcoming and those who are in the mainstream to appreciate and share their Arts

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WhatsApp@076 396 0058

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